Burning Men

Burning Men 2019

BURNING MEN is in UK Cinemas 1st march 2019. British road movie BURNING MEN is released by Munro Films, in association with Lightbulb Film Distribution, Burning Men Pictures and Stretch Limo Productions. BURNING MEN, a unique English rock and roll road movie from director Jeremy Wooding.

Synopsis: When young musicians Ray (Ed Hayter) and Don (Aki Omoshaybi) are evicted from their South London squat, they decide to sell their precious vinyl collection and fly to Memphis in search of their destiny. Frustrated by the shortfall in funds, they steal an ‘uber-rare’ Black Metal record at a Camden record fair and head out of town to sell it. As they drive north in their beaten-up Volvo Amazon, picking up hitchhiker Susie (Elinor Crawley) en route, they find themselves stalked by dark forces apparently unleashed by the ‘devil disc’ they have stolen.

BURNING MEN is a bravura piece of film-making – a rare portrait of today’s England – from the urban hustle of London, to the eerie East Anglian fens and the desolate Northumbrian moors. Shot mostly in Point-of-View (POV) it is the first of its kind. With a talented young cast, the film is by turns charming, scary, funny and moving. It comes with an evocative score by guitarist Justin Adams (main man to Robert Plant), which will also see a vinyl release in February 2019. Independently funded, and shot over a four week schedule, from the director of Peep Show something wicked this way comes.

Burning Men Movie Fanart

Ed Hayter – RAY (To Dream, TV series Will) Aki Omoshaybi – DON (The Last Jedi, The Riot Club, Kids In Love, A Moving Image) Elinor Crawley – SUSIE (Submarine, Bridgend, TV series Vikings) Katie Collins – GEMMA (debut feature) Joseph Millson – MICKY (All The Devil’s Men, Amy and Sophia, TheDead2, Casino Royale) Sarah Jane Potts – BELLADONNA (The Chameleon, Kinky Boots) Simone Lahbib – EDUARDA (Philomena, Flim, TV series The Loch, Da Vinci’s Demons) Christopher Fulford – LENNY (Millions, Stonehearst Asylum, Queen of the Desert) Denise Welch – JULIE (Finding Fatimah, TV series Waterloo Road, EastEnders, Loose Women) Andrew Tiernan – MAD DAD (300: Rise Of An Empire, The Pianist, Us And Them, UK18) Guy Pratt – ROBERT (actor, stand-up comedian, bassist with Dave Gilmour, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music)